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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 24, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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up inland. we're always try to understand how intense the storm is. does it have an eye? this is a pretty good looking storm. you can see is moving right over eastern jamaica and essentially king stop. if you look carefully, it does -- kingston. if you look carefully it, does have an eye right there. hurricane warnings continue in jamaica and cuba as well. here's the track. it's going to behave itself pretty well through eastern cuba and then get into the balm hall as thursday and then it -- bahamas thursday and then it takes a little more of a westerly track. the east coast of florida will get hit with pretty big rains and at least tropical storm force winds and that's going to be a thursday night, early friday scenario for florida. then it begins to turn off to the north and to the east. now here's the deal. i don't think it's going to be a problem for the weekend. i think the problem is going to come next week, monday or more
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likely tuesday and wednesday, as the storm begins to retrograde north and west back into new england. by that time it's not going to be tropical. tropical storms are warm core storms. this will be a coal core storm, but this could -- cold core storm, but this could become a monster as it pushes back to the northwest tuesday. if that were the case, we would get tropical storm force winds and pretty good rain. if it stays offshore this weekend, which i think it will, we may not be done with what's left of sandy next week. we've got some breaking news out of montgomery county where a bicyclist is seriously hurt after being struck by a school bus. it happened along a busy route 28 between route 118 and berryville road in darnestown. this was just a couple hours ago. that bus was taking students home from poolesville high. no one was hurt. route 28 was shut down, however, in both directions. the investigation continues. you can see the bike lying by the side of the road. we've got breaking news out
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of suburban l.a. where five people were shot and at least two are dead. those gunshots rang out at a business that sells firefighting gear and equipment and at a nearby home where the owner's family lived. the location is on downey street, california, about 20 miles southeast of l.a. police are looking for the gunman who got away in a black camaro. here at home a lot of drivers have unwillingness contributed toward the $85 million collected from d.c. speed cameras. here's a look at the top moneymakers for the nearly 10- mile stretch between d.c. and maryland which accounted for more than 1/4 of the speed camera traffic tickets. our bruce johnson spent the day with some fed up drivers caught in the camera and they are fed up with the fines. bruce. >> reporter: lesli, let's put it this way. this is not a quote, but any to pull out what one driver had to say, it would go something like
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this. we understand there's a safety factor involved in all this. you got to slow these cars down, but $85 million in revenue, come on. what's it for, how much? >> $150. >> reporter: whoa. the district's traffic adjudication office today had nothing but complaints about the tickets from the automated traffic cameras. >> it's a money issue. >> $300. >> i think the fees are outrageous. >> we got plenty of money in them tickets. >> reporter: it's money most could ill afford to lose in these tough economic times. >> 50, 150 and 100. this one is 50. i can't afford to pay them today. >> reporter: this speed camera in the 600 block of missouri
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avenue northwest issued 31,670 speeding tickets last fiscal year. this is only the seventh most productive camera. if you remember nothing else, you might want to keep in mind this is the no. 1 spot for tickets, the 10-mile stretch of 295 between d.c. and the maryland line that way. this speed camera and the one back there have generated some $16 million this year alone for the city's coffers. >> the city has collected 84 plus million dollars this year alone with these cameras. >> technically i just think it's a tax. >> reporter: maryland drivers are getting hit with most of the tickets. some are calling it a commuter tax. >> i can understand that we have to be responsible drivers. that's very legitimate, but $150 is just a lot. >> reporter: again the mayor and police chief say it's about safety first. they admit getting a lot of money from this, though. some of the council members say they also believe it's about safety, but they also believe those fines are entirely too high, far higher than any of the jurisdictions in maryland and virginia. legislation was introduced last week to reduce the maximum fines to $50. we'll see where that goes. back to you guys. >> they say it's safety, but i bet a lot of people would say they're doing it because of the
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money. signs that the political climate's on fire, one leesburg couple found their actual romney sign burning in their front yard. surae chinn talked with the stevens family today. >> it was a little scatter. >> reporter: a driver stopped to tell the stevens their yard sign was on fire. >> monday morning there was a knock at the door. >> reporter: that set off libby stevens' two dogs. >> there was a huge fireball in my front yard. >> reporter: the stevens are romney supporters. before it all went up in smoke she took a few snapshots of what was left of their 4 by 8- foot romney sign in their front yard. >> it is very disheartening and sad that somebody would choose to do this. shame on them. >> reporter: this is a friendlyeesburg street where neighbors have differing views both democratic and republican signs put up. sure, a few signs have been stolen here or there, but never have they heard of one burning down. >> everybody in our neighborhood is very peaceful and it's shocking that we would go to that length to, you know,
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make this a really negative political environment. >> we should be able to do this without threat to each other. >> reporter: stevens said she's had smaller romney signs stolen in the past at her home in the 400 block of south king street. >> you don't care if she has a romney sign and you have the obama sign? >> oh, absolutely no way. yeah, i'm glad that she has strong political beliefs. she's a good friend and she definitely has the right to put her signs up in her yard. >> reporter: stevens says even her neighbor, democratic virginia state senator mark herring stopped by to condemn the act. stevens has since put up a much smaller sign. >> it's just nasty, you know. it's wrong. >> reporter: in leesburg surae chinn, 9 news now. >> the romney campaign says they'll loan the stevens another big sign to replace one that burned down. the person responsible, if caught, would face a destruction of property charge. mitt romney is distancing himself from another republican senatorial candidate following
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a controversial race comment. richard murdoch of indiana told a live tv audience that when a woman gets pregnant after she's raped, it's something god intended. murdoch was on the defensive today. >> due to the situation i think that body can see beauty in every life, but certainly i did not intend to suggest that god want rape, that god pushes people to rape, that god wants to support or condone evil in any way. >> murdoch is the second republican senatorial candidate in a bit of hot water following controversial comments about women and rape. earlier this year todd aiken of missouri said women's bodies have ways of preventing pregnancy in what he called legitimate rape. he refused to leave the race. new information today about what allegedly led police on a wild high speed chase. the pursuit started towards
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justice for jessica. we have made an arrest in the jessica ridgeway case. 17-year-old austin sigg is in
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our custody. >> formal charges in the case are expected in the next few days. the man accused of opening fire inside the family research council here in d.c. faces a series of new charges tonight. floyd corkins is now charged with committing an act of tear rich while armed. that's in addition -- terrorism while armed in addition to murder and aggravated assault. corkins is accused of shooting a guard in the lobby headquarters. the guard is credited with saving lives. corkins is due in court friday. a new study finds millions of americans may no longer need to take a certain supplement. we'll tell you what vitamin you can skip ahead in anita's health report. >> with less than two weeks to go until election day, president obama and mitt romney are in an all out sprint for every vote in those battleground states.
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the race for the white house is in the final stretch and with 13 days until election day the candidates plan to spend almost every one of those dates on the trail. president obama rallying supporters this morning in iowa, just his first stop in a two-day five-state campaign blitz. republican mitt romney is also picking up the pace campaigning today in nevada and iowa before a three-stop visit in ohio tomorrow. today a new pro romney ad featuring clint eastwood launched in seven battleground states including virginia. election officials have installed a voter registration and absentee ballot drop box in montgomery county. it's located outside the board of elections headquarters in the 18,700 block of route 355 in gaithersburg. now montgomery county voters can drop off their completed registration applications or ballot 24 hours a day seven days a week. >> it is a secured lockbox that
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we empty twice a day. you also during business mauers can drop it off in our office, come into the office, but you don't have to get out of the car. you can drive up to the box, drop off your ballot and go on your way. >> montgomery county establish five-day forecast early voting centers that open this saturday. you can get a complete list of locations and the hours on our website it is not a pretty sight for nationals fans over by the wilson building. that would be where a st. louis flag is now flying, all this the result of a bet that mayor vincent gray made with the mayor of st. louis during the national league division series. we remember that with some ire. under the terms of that bet, the losing city has to fly a flag representing the winning city and we don't have to remind you of what the result was of that series, a lot of broken hearts still out there. only on 9 tonight a sitdown interview with rookie sensation rg3, our kristen berset is here
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with what the redskins qb had to say to our partners at usa today. >> our rig rig has racked up plenty of -- our rg3 has racked up plenty of accolade in his short career -- accolades in his short career. so what does he say is his proudest accomplishment to date? >> it's a tough question. making it to the nfl is a huge accomplishment, making it in the nfl is also a huge accomplishment, but i haven't done that yet. no matter how many games we've played it's still hard to figure out when you've made it in the nfl. i ran in the olympic trials in '08, so to have a chance to represent your country as an olympian would have been huge for me. right now it's up in the air, but thankfully i don't have any kids out of wedlock or anything like that and my parents did a great job raising me and my two sisters. we all graduated from high school and college. so to be able to be a good
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representative of my family is probably my greatest accomplishment thus far. >> rg3 was asked a wide variety of questions from football to politics. he had an answer on that, too. there's an extended version of that interview tonight at 11:00. we can tell from him a young mature man that has his head on straight. >> incredibly well spoken and thoughtful. thank you. >> what cayou say about rg3 except he can run like the wind and throw like a whatever. >> derek is enamored with rg3. >> enamored is a good word. >> i am, too actually. >> i'm not the on one. i want to kind of emphasize this again. even if our the friend sandy stays offshore this weekend, we may have to deal with her next week. >> she does not sound like anybody's friend. >> no. let's start with the track. we're still looking at 80 mile- per-hour winds over jamaica now, hurricane warnings in effect there. movement is off to the north
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about 30 miles north of kingston right now. by thursday about 2:00 we are looking at the system now back into the bahamas and there are some watches in effect, tropical storm watches for the bahamas, and actually we're looking at a tropical storm warning already posted from -- well, a little sliver, if you will, the atlantic side of florida. this is sort of interesting. the track now has it going back to a category 1 off the coast of florida and then pushing away from shore becoming a tropical storm as we get into sunday and then monday and again it's an l there. so that becomes an extra tropical storm, but i want to emphasize even if it takes this track, which i think it will, it's going to vary maybe 50, 100 miles either side, but after that i think then what happens, it moves back to the west, northwest into new england. if that happens, it's going to be a monster storm for them and an event for us. the only hurricane to make landful this year was isaac on
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august 29th. this was the one that went through the keys and at one time was threatening the republican convention and made landfall not too far from new orleans. that's the only hurricane to make landfall and it was only a category 1 storm. it only matters when they make landfall rail. live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, 82 right now, wow, dew point 50, record high 84. i know i saw an 83 today. 79 in rockville, 80 great falls, 76 vienna, 78 arlington, still 81 toward college park. so declining temperatures, albeit slowly, mild tonight and dry, some morning fog possible tomorrow. grab your umbrella friday. we'll monitor sandy through the weekend and into next week. becoming partly cloudy tonight, mild, some patchy fog, lows 52 to 60. that's a pretty good deal this time of year. next three days our 9 weather alerts, green, green and yellow. still mild tomorrow, 75, some
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showers friday. 70. some showers start, temperatures in the upper 60s. you might have to alter your plans a little saturday. next seven days, sunday some showers and actually becoming partly cloudy, but notice temps keep going down, low 60s sunday. then monday, tuesday and wednesday depending where sandy ends up and it will be another storm, but what's left of sandy, look at the temps, 54 monday, 52 on tuesday and only 50 on wednesday and right now i'm favoring a tuesday, wednesday scenario for sandy. we might be tired of talking about her for a week, but we might have to talk about her for another week. >> wow, that weekend not looking the best either. >> no. but that's a cold front. coming up a first of its kind car is the centerpiece of a new exhibit at the national air and space museum. >> up next the story behind this morning's massive backups on i-95 in northern virginia. we'll be back right after the break.
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sky 9 captured what was left of an overnight crash that tied up traffic on i-95 throughout the morning rush hour. investigators say a tractor trailer jackknifed after a car
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slammed into it. they believe the driver from falls church was trying to avoid hitting a deer. 150 gallons of fuel spilled from that truck. the clean-up took hours. the driver of the car and two passengers were taken to the hospital and that drive also faces reckless drive -- driver also faces reckless driving charges. 10 years ago today the d.c. area breathed a collective sigh of relief. that's when d.c. police officers arrested d.c. snipers john allen muhammad and boyd malvo. their shooting spree left 10 people dead. their blue chevy caprice was found at a rest stop in maryland where the two were sleeping inside. mohammed was executed three years ago. malvo is serving a life
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sentence. police arrested a gunman at a deadly shooting at a megachurch in atlanta. it happened this morning. the gunman is identified as a former employee. police say the victim is a 39- year-old church volunteer who was in the process of leading a prayer. the world changers church has several satellite locations including one here in d.c. the trial of a texas woman linked to a deadly fire at her home daycare opened today. jessica tata is charged with murder in the death of a 16- month-old child at the center. the fire last year killed four children and injured three others. prosecutors say tata went to a store and left the baby and the other children alone. a fire started when some oil left on a stove ignited. tata could get life in prison if convicted. a sandy spring, maryland private school is going solar. today montgomery county executive ike leggett helped celebrate the installation of solar energy systems at the sandy spring friends school. that system will provide about 40% of the school's energy needs. turns out that's enough power to power 39 homes. that school is located up on norwood road. we got a bit of a sneak
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peek today at a special robot car that will be part of a new exhibit at the national air and space museum. its name is stanley as in my name is stanley. where would you like to go? and it won the 2005 grand challenge robot race. now stanley used to be at the national museum of american history. now he's been moved to the space museum. where is a guy supposed to get a drink around here? i'm bruce leshan and i'll have a look at a small town's battle over alcohol sales. >> why millions of americans may not need to take vitamin d. i'll have that story coming up. >> has governor tim kaine tried to raise a lot of taxes even on people making as little as $17,000? now kaine is running for senate and his ideas have gotten worse. >> we have to cut defense spending. >> kaine supports a budget deal that guts defense spending
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putting 200,000 virginia jobs on the chopping block. cutting jobs, raising taxes, tim kaine's just dead wrong. crossroads gps is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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a new study of recently revised vitamin d guidelines says millions of americans may no longer need a supplement it. could be confusing for patients who were previously told you do need extra vitamin d. here's the story. >> i have good news for you. >> reporter: doctors put 63- year-old allegra luvich on vitamin d supplements after blood tests showed low levels. >> i am taking it at least for two years. >> reporter: but now a new study shows she does not need to take it anymore. >> deficiency of vitamin d is not as prevalent as we thought prior to this study, which is good news. >> reporter: researchers at loyola university say under recent recommendations from the institute of medicine nearly 80
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million americans would no longer need additional vitamin d. the 2010 guidelines said people get enough vitamin d if their blood lefts are at or above 20 nanograms per millimeter. older guidelines indicated levels above 30 were necessary, but some doctor groups don't agree with the new guidelines and are still prescribing doses of vitamin d under the old guidelines. vitamin d is critical for healthy bones, but too much can damage the heart and kidneys.
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dr. albert levy says a balanced diet and a little sun can help maintain vitamin d levels. >> the sun will activate vitamin d. 20 minutes of sun exposure three times a week. >> reporter: luvich is listening to her doctor and will stop taking her supplement but says she'll let help know if she starts to feel different without it. >> again, this is a pretty controversial issue still. patients should talk to their doctor if they're feeling fatigued or tired. that could be a sign of low vitamin d levels and there are blood tests that can assess that. parents may be thinking about safety for their younger
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kids, but they should remember 13s on halloween. fairfax -- their teens on halloween. fairfax county police say they'll be cracking down on teen drinking and they want teens to know you can still have fun without booze. >> have fun and do it safely. you can do it without alcohol, but if you are drinking, don't go out and try to get as drunk as you can as quickly as you can and that's what we're finding a lot of times at some of these parties. >> police say parents should know what is happening in the community and you should talk to your child about their plans. even if your teen has a license, you might want to consider still driving them to their location. local organizations took part in the second annual national food day, got to like that. the capital area food bang used the event to declare its healthy food initiative. the food bank is asking for donations of more nutritious foods. more than 680,000 area residents are facing hunger. 200,000 are children. >> our healthy food initiative sets nutrition standards for our organization in hopes that we can bring healthy nutritious food that can be transformed into nourishing meals for our community. >> in the same vein students at galludet university celebrated the day with a national food and culture fair. there were displays and facings tastings set up -- tastings set up across campus. today firefighters distributed coats in cooperation with operation warm. about 3,000 children and their families will benefit from the program and this is the sixth year the department sponsored the event. don't feed the wild turkeys. a battle is brewing between
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people who want the birds around and those that don't. >> hurricane sandy pounding jamaica now. we'll come back and show you some tracks. some models now take it much closer to land. >> up next gone in 60 seconds, smash and grab burglars bust in a jewelry store and break into the glass display cases. >> don't forget we're always on at stay with us. we'll be right back. ou tomorrow here on cbs "this morning".
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for most of us prohibition ended nearly 80 years ago, but in a small montgomery county town they are still fighting over it. >> this is a place called damascus, maryland, and they will vote in less than two weeks on whether or not to allow beer and wine sales within the town limits. bruce leshan reports it's not exactly clear which way this one is going to go. >> reporter: they don't even serve wine in church in damascus. the communion challis runs grape juice, but come november it could change. in damascus population almost 20,000 commutes are and towns folk can fill their tanks at a half dozen gas stations, but
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don't think of stopping at a restaurant to fill your mouth with pizza and beer. dentist frank lewis thinks that is a big mistake. >> beer and wine is great as long as you brush after the meal. >> reporter: question c would allow restaurants to apply for a license to sell beer and wine. supporters say it would offer a critical boost for a downtown filled with empty storefronts and silent shops. musician john bourdeaux thinks the town has been dry long enough. >> without it things like this music cafe and some other businesses that have tried in damascus really don't have much of a chance. >> reporter: but the feels are far from unanimous. >> well, i voted against it every year we've been here since 50 years ago. >> reporter: question c opponentses say a dry town is a -- opponents say a dry town is a great place to raise children. >> we tell them say no to smoking, alcohol, drugs. we tell them to say no to take lot of things, but yet we're turning around and we're voting for alcohol.
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>> reporter: at tom and ray's restaurant they have thrived for 60 years on great food and no alcohol. the owners want to keep it that way. some customers do not. >> i think it's time the county got liquor up here. >> reporter: unlike in the president's race there are no polls in damascus and this measure has lost before, but a lot of people think that this time is different. in damascus bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> we will see. now question c would only allow beer and wine sales at restaurants, but opponents are worried that this would open the door maybe to hard liquor or even bars. caught on tape three men wanted for a smash and grab jewelry store burglary right down in atlanta. it happened before dawn in a place called snellville. police released surveillance video of the men smashing in the front glass of barron's fine jewelry. investigators say they used a manhole cover to break the glass. the burglars got away with some
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fine jewelry and watches. they only spent 50 seconds inside the store. >> smash and grab is right. an invasion of turkeys is raising a real stink in a california town. >> it doesn't help matters in some residents of davis are feeding the big birds. there are more than 100 turkeys roaming the streets of the town and the no. 1 problem with all those birds is no. 2. >> you got to watch the poop, that's for sure. it's really nasty. >> you got to just be careful where you walk and how you step. >> ew. >> step carefully. one option is to begin trapping the turkeys, but experts insist that's easier said than done and i guess if they release, then that could be even more problematic. trapping an orphan bear cub proved to be a whole lot easier. it took refuge in a tree at
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yellowstone airport in montana. experts believe the cub was orphaned because it's only about 1/3 of the size it should be. specialists are evaluating the little bear before figuring out what to do next. straight ahead where you may find some spraysingly sweet deals on higher -- surprisingly sweet deals on higher education. >> plus sobering statistics when it comes to female graduates.
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we parents get sticker shock when we think about the price of college nowadays. >> public schools cost an average of 18 grand a year and that's if you live in the dorm, but as jessica doyle explains, you may be surprised to hear about the deal discounts on those private campuses. >> reporter: when you think about an affordable college education, you don't tend to think of harvard and yale, but maybe you should. >> need-based aid, that's the key. >> reporter: mark wino of kiplinger says the top academic institutions in the country also top their rankings of the most affordable private colleges because they offer no loan need-based aid for students and that can really bring down the cost. >> the good case in point is
5:45 pm
yale. $52,700 is the total cost. after need-based aid the price goes down to less than $14,000. >> reporter: that means you can get an ivy league education for less than the cost of a lot of in-state public schools and students don't have to walk away drowning in debt. >> princeton university which is no. 3 this year on our list, they have close to $40,000 of need- based aid per student. they graduate with about $5,330 of debt after graduation, which is the lowest on our list. >> reporter: two local private schools that you wouldn't normally think of as affordable also make the grade on the rankings of best values in private colleges. george washington at 49 on the list and georgetown at 17. >> georgetown, for example, is close to $60,000 after need- based aid goes down to about 30 some thousand dollars less than
5:46 pm
that. >> reporter: it may surprise you who can qualify for these need-based grants. yale, for example, extends them to families earning as much as $200,000 a year making it a lot more attainable to get that top notch college education. need-based grants aren't the only way to go either. lots of schools are handing out big merit-based grants to students who don't qualify for need-based aid. for example, the average at rice university, no. 2 on the affordable list, was $16,000. at vanderbilt it's almost 24,000. jessica doyle, 9 news now. staying with higher education in tonight's consumer alert, a new study shows there is a tremendous wage gap between female and male college graduates. the american association of university women says that among recent college grads women bring home $8,000 less than men. the average salary for them is a little more than $35,000. for men it is nearly forty- three thousand dollars one year
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after graduation -- forty-three thousand dollars one year after graduation. if you swiped your credit card at a barnes & nobles, you may want to check your bank statement. some crooks acquisitioned into the cash register -- hacked into the cash register pad at 63 stores and stole some pin numbers. the fbi asked the company to keep turned wraps so they could figure out who was behind the crime. barnes & nobles has disabled all the pin pads in its stores across the country. dinwell is recalling more than 170,000 interior bifold doors. the lower pivot pin can break, cause the door to disengage from its track and there have been three incidents with minor injuries. these doors were sold at home depot and lowe's between february of 2011 and march of 2012. about 97,000 of these eddie bauer rocking wood bassinets are being recalled.
5:48 pm
the bassinet's bottom locking mechanism can fail and cause it to tip to one side. this could cause an infant to suffocate. they were sold at toys r us, sears and also online at ebay. we've got more on these recalls on our website and big bird may have been a hot topic during the presidential campaign, but he is even hotter this halloween. there has been a run for the yellow feathered costume. google searches for the sesame street mascot have scored 600 -- soared i should say 600% and the company licensed to sell the get-up says demand has been so great that the entire stock is now depleted and so if you had planned to be big bird for halloween, we're so sorry. >> unless, of course, you've got real skills and can make your own big birr suit. some people can do that. -- bird suit. some people can do that. >> not too complicated, just yellow. lots going on in the weather department. >> we're talking about sandy. we're going to watch her all week and over the weekend, but
5:49 pm
she's going to be around a while and the remnants could actually hit us or what would be left over of sandy in terms of an extra topps may not hit us until next week -- stops may not hit us until next week -- storm may not hit us until next week monday or tuesday. she has winds of 80 miles per hour. the track is essentially unchanged from yesterday, eastern cuba as a category 1, weakens a little as it first goes into the bahamas and may turn into a category 1 off the florida coast. when it gets to this point around friday in the afternoon, we're looking at some tropical storm force winds across southeastern florida and, in fact, tropical storm warnings have been posted from ocean reef up to sebastian inlet so much they're already expecting a tropical storm force winds and pretty heavy bands of rain we form across southeast florida thursday night into friday. it then behaves and stays pretty far out to sea, but then
5:50 pm
it begins to move back to the north and northwest. that's what we're worried about. remember, this is monday at 5:00. so it's off our coast, but what's going to happen after this, we think it will move more to the north and west. if that were the case, that would affect us monday, tuesday and/or wednesday. that would affect us in a big way. here are the spaghetti models. most of them take it offshore. so again we may be fine this weekend, but notice one, two and three and four are all going back into new england into the early part of next week. if that were the case, we're looking at tropical storm force winds here and maybe even big bands of rain. right now very nice outside. our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, temperature 84 tying the old record high. we're still 82 downtown, pressure 30.06, winds north, northwest at 6. temperatures are well above average, 79 in
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rockville this hour, 75 in vienna, 78 in arlington, 80 for college park. so declining temperatures, albeit slowly, mild and dry tonight, some morning fog tomorrow. i'd grab or at least locate the umbrella for friday. we'll monitor sandy carefully all week into the weekend. next three days 9 weather alerts green, green and i made saturday yellow with some showers. still mild tomorrow, 70 phoenix a few early clouds, a few showers friday, 70, still not bad and some showers on saturday, 68. that may affect some of the little league games. next seven days, sunday maybe some showers, but then sun late, 62. notice the temps keep going down and sandy could be here monday, tuesday and/or wednesday, mid-50s monday, low 50s tuesday. we'll be lucky to hit 50 on wednesday. so we'll be talking about sandy for a long time. d.c. sports fans had quite
5:52 pm
a rough time over the past 12 days with three heartbreaking losses by the nats, the terps and the redskins. >> diane robert looks back at the devastating defeats and tries to help fans a little bit through the pain. >> reporter: have you ever been kicked in the stomach again and again and again? >> it hurts. >> kind of sucks. >> reporter: of course you have. you're a d.c. sports fan. >> i think some of that stuff builds scars and it builds fandom. >> reporter: in a span of nine days you saw the best team in baseball choke away what potentially could have turned into a world series title. >> in the time that i've been in washington that's the worst loss psychologically and emotionally i've ever been part of. >> reporter: you saw the maryland terrapins lose their third quarterback of the season and miss a last second field goal in what could have been a pivotal homecoming win in the acc. >> he takes the team almost into the end zone and sets up the game winning field goal.
5:53 pm
you can't make that stuff up. i mean that's great drama. unfortunately the story didn't end up the way that folks wanted it to. >> reporter: and just when you thought rg3 and his redskins were on the verge of first place in the nfc east and curing some of your sports woes the carpet was pulled out from under you thanks to those dancing feet of victor cruz. >> sometimes it's hard to win those games with those type of mistitches. >> reporter: has there ever been a period of so much d.c. sport grief? >> i don't think there has been a period of having these tough losses in a matter of only a couple weeks. >> that was as much of a gut pumps a can ever remember. >> reporter: -- punch as i can ever remember. >> reporter: the high stress has sent some fans into a funk. sports psychologists say cases like this do exist. >> some people are so wedded to their teams they can become really despondent when their team loses, but if you put even the losses in perspective and
5:54 pm
think of how far we've come. >> reporter: even with the heartbreak and scars of being a d.c. area sport fan don't worry. good times are just around the corner. >> some of those good times are already here for the redskins. today fan favorite and one of the best tight ends in franchise history chris cooley rejoins the burgundy and gold. we'll hear from him in 30 minutes. still to come a fiery and potentially fatal comment from a maryland pastor regarding same sex marriage. >> plus virginia and the economy, which senate candidate has the best plan for bringing more jobs to the commonwealth. >> right after the break hip or ho hum, we'll tell you how a popular magazine rates the d.c. area.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
do you consider d.c. a hip place to live or are we kind of an epicenter of uncool? >> do you even care? debra alvero found out tonight lots of people do. >> reporter: it all started with this. >> hip. >> reporter: an article saying the city is not hip and it never will be. ever since on the streets and in some tweets the hipness debate has raged on. first if you think of hip as hipsters. some who organize bar calls. morgan greenbaum is promoting
5:58 pm
her hometown hipness in the hippest way on twitter. >> so to compare it to other cities is not what i think we should be doing. >> reporter: we reached out to the author. she wasn't available, but in the article she points to one detracting factor, lots of young people here, the would be hip work for the government or the man. >> lobbyists, lawyers, nonprofit people one talking about politics, you know -- people, everyone talking about politics, you know. >> i think they really need to support the arts here. >> reporter: ben was leaning towards d.c. as hip until we read him the definition. >> if we're comparing it to a place as fashion forward as other east coast cities, i think it would be tough to measure up fashionwise. >> reporter: clothes are one thing, nightlife another. hilly pointed us to what some are calling the hip strip, 11th street and the wonderland ballroom, part dive bar, part restaurant and all hip. >> i would definitely defend hip as someone who is looking for that thing that's not cool
5:59 pm
yet and they're just okay in their own skin and they're willing to do and look the way they want because it makes them feel good. this is 9 news now. >> it say youtube video that has inflamed passion in maryland's same sex marriage debate and now some are on pressure to back down. scott broom is live with more. what's going on? >> reporter: as you're about to hear in, this video a pastor says homosexuals are worthy of death. he quotes scripture when he does that. the maryland family alliance, the group that held that town hall which is leading the fight against question 6, has just issued a statement a few moment ago saying that those statements made by the pastor were not a call to harm gays or lesbians even though the video of the group's town hall rein


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